Welcome to Rhode Map RI

Bienvenidos a RhodeMap

RhodeMap RI is an opportunity for you, Rhode Island’s residents to help shape the future of our communities and our state. How do we preserve Rhode Island’s unique character while ensuring that all Rhode Islanders have safe and healthy housing as well access to jobs and economic opportunities? How and where should growth happen over the next decades without harming the natural and historic areas that we value?

These are the kinds of questions at the heart of RhodeMap RI. This project, coordinated by the State Division of Planning, is a local and regional dialogue among businesses and non-profit organizations, governmental agencies and voters, newcomers and long-term residents to consider the critical question: how should we plan for the future? At the end of the RhodeMap RI project the state will have a new housing plan addressing the housing needs of all Rhode Islanders, a new economic development plan that will provide a unified vision and framework for the state’s economic development efforts, and a growth centers plan that will help our communities determine where and how future development should happen within their borders. The successful development of these plans is impossible without your help.

Share this website with your friends and neighbors, and invite them to join you online and at community meetings in building RhodeMap RI. Find out what your neighbors are saying, and join the conversation about our shared future in our communities. What’s best about the places in Rhode Island where you live, work or visit? If you’re new to Rhode Island, what attracted you to the state? If you’re a native or a long-time resident, why do you stay? What changes could make your community even better?

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas over the next year as the plans go forward.

Kevin M. Flynn
Associate Director of Planning